Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Online Dating Saga - Oh Please, Let it Not Be Him

Somehow there seems to be a disconnect between what the person looks like in their photo(s) and what they look like 3-dimensionally. When there's more than one photo, the chances are greater that you won't be too surprised when you meet them in person, but there's still no guarantee that the reality won't be at best disappointing and at worst horrifying.

Several times, I entered the coffee shop where I was to meet a quasi-blind date, looked around, saw someone sitting by himself and thought, "Oh God, I hope that's not him" - and, of course, it was. One particular guy, who seemed very attractive in his photo, in person appeared mentally challenged. In fact, when I saw him, I thought to myself, "That can't possibly be him, because that guy is mentally challenged." Of course, he wasn't actually mentally challenged, nor did the illusion manifest itself in any way other than visually, but nevertheless a mentally challenged appearance is not, in a general sense, sexually appealing.

Of course, a mentally challenged appearance is better than getting a response to my message and discovering that the guy is, in fact, actually mentally challenged. Apparently he had considerable assistance in writing the profile. I mistakenly thought the goofy expression in his photo was his attempt at being amusing. I realized it wasn't when he responded with a childishly worded statement that his favorite T.V. show was "Flipper."

Then there was the guy who looked like an anorexic teenaged girl, without an ounce of testosterone in sight. Not much more you can say about that. And the one who wasn't bad-looking in person, but seemed to have a creepy quality I couldn't quite put my finger on, and the entire time we were chatting I couldn't help thinking, "Serial killer." When he left, I watched him disappear into the night, possibly to find his next victim....

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