Sunday, November 1, 2009

Say What?

There are some phrases and buzzwords that have sprung up in the last few years that I find immensely irritating, and I sincerely hope they will soon meet their collective demise:

"Have a good one." One what? Night on the town? Drive home in gridlock? Orgasm?

"Skilled at multitasking." Does that refer to those people who drive while shaving their legs, eating breakfast and talking on their cell? Or maybe someone who does threesomes.

"It's all good." Is it really? Tell that to the guy who lost his job and his health insurance a year ago and is preparing to stake his territory in the alley behind his soon-to-be-ex-house.

"Think outside the box." But how big is that box, anyway? And does anyone actually know what's in it? If not, then how could anyone know if they're thinking outside it or not? I guess if you get thrown in jail for being unpatriotic, you know you were thinking outside the box.

"Wellness." Come on. Can we all just agree to put that word out of its misery? Can anyone really tell me how that word is different than "health?" I dare you.

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