Saturday, May 15, 2010

Phrases That Make Men Cringe

I'm on a list kick lately. Here's a short list of phrases that men don't want to hear:

1.   Testicular tortion - I'm not even sure exactly what it is, but it sounds nasty. I believe some kind of unnatural twisting of genitalia is involved.

2.   Vaginal discharge (the bad kind). If it's not sexual, any fluids that come out of that general area are not something men want to know about.

3.   Menstrual anything

4.   Performance anxiety - even when referring to the jitters prior to doing a drum solo onstage, I imagine it's hard to hear this phrase without the negative association.

5.   "Size doesn't matter." No one would say this to someone who was built like King Kong. If a woman makes this comment to a man, he knows he's in trouble.

6.   Penile implants - Not something any man wants to have to even think about.

1 comment:

  1. I cringed... a lot.